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Shane Baldwin | Shane Baldwin Utah | Shane Baldwin Silverleaf

Shane Baldwin

Shane Baldwin Silverleaf Utah.

Shane Baldwin and Silverleaf Opportunities

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Shane Baldwin | Shane Baldwin Silverleaf | Shane Baldwin Utah

Shane Baldwin




Shane is an entrepreneurial visionary.  His ambition, determination, and self-belief have propelled him into becoming the driving force behind SilverLeaf Financial.

Shane Baldwin brings to SilverLeaf a refined skill set, achieved through success and diversity amidst a unique array of business ventures.

Shane Baldwin prides himself on attention to detail, an unyielding work ethic and a burning desire to create a win/win for all those he comes in contact with.

Listed below are a few of his professional and personal achievements and highlights.



–  Has operated, managed, and sold several profitable companies.

–  Financial Adviser at Merrill Lynch for 3 years, targeting business development and client acquisitions that totaled nearly $600 Million.

–  Founder of SilverLeaf Companies three branches:

–  SilverLeaf Financial, Real Estate, and Asset Management



–  Brigham Young University – Hawaii, Business Administration and Marketing



Actively engaged in many charitable and community organizations:

–  Board Member for the National Shaken Baby Foundation

–  Board Member for the Northern Utah Chapter of the Red Cross

–  Member of the National Exchange Club

–  Current Member and former Chapter President of Toastmasters



Shane Baldwin currently resides in Layton, Utah with his wife and three children



SilverLeaf Opportunity

  • Leading up to the current US financial crisis commercial real estate investors used as much cheap debt as they could to develop, purchase or refinance properties.  Many of those loans make their way into pools of mortgages behind commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS).  Because of declining prices and a weakened economy, many borrowers find themselves in economic or maturity default.
  • There have been 349 Bank Failures from January 2008 through the 1st quarter of 2011. Because banks are carrying non-performing, under-performing or equity deficient loans they are under tremendous pressure from regulators to raise capital. Because of their reluctance to book losses, banks are often under quarterly reporting pressure.


  • Many lenders, who are not experts in managing commercial real estate, find themselves facing the challenges of a control position, which further accelerates the selling of mortgages and depresses their price even further.
  • Prices are below the intrinsic value due to the economic downturn, excess leverage, stress selling and forced liquidations.
  • The outcome is that buying distressed debt is a great idea when it can be done at prices that are below the intrinsic value of the underlying collateral.
  • SilverLeaf identifies and applies a seasoned underwriting process to determine each purchase with the appropriate exit strategies

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