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Barking Frog SEO has set the standard for quality SEO

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Get your visual on and your clients will too…

Ok,quick question. Do you think in words or pictures, or both? Visual thinking always engages the part of the brain that handles visual processing, and is said to be both “emotional and creative” so you can “organize your information in an intuitive and simultaneous way”.¬†

Visual thinking FTW

A picture really might be worth a thousand words, while being easier to understand and recall. Therefore it is worth exploring how visual thinking can help you communicate ideas to colleagues and clients. Don’t just brush this off or you will be missing the big picture that i tried to visually stimulate you with here:)

Are you a Social CEO? Receive Training Today

If you are a business owner on a large scale or a smaller scale, you need to tune into being social. Enjoy the graph below and give us a call for your free SEO | Social Media Campaign Quote: (435) 503-2937

BarkingFrogSEO also does personal 1on1 Social Media and SEO Training, saving you Thousands per year. We will Guarantee you receive the proper training to have your website on the front pages of Google, Yahoo and Bing within 120 days.