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Google’s new algorithim

At BArkingFrogSEO, we have always stood by our high pr, do follow backlink building campaign. As of late, Google rolled out their new algorithim and took a giant bite out of a lot of websites because of their constant use of spam links. Obviously this new change hasn’t effected BarkingFrogSEO at all, due to our constant use of relavant and high pr backlinks. We have pushed this from day one and will operate this way until we need to evolve to another tool.

To sum this point up in a simpler fashion, Google uses backlinks as a way to show you are more credible then not. Lets put it this way. If you go to an Italian restaurant in your town and on the door it says best Italian restaurant in town, you think, I’veheard this before. Any restaurant can say they have the best Italian food in town. That’s easy. Now what if 10 of your closest friends call and tell you about an Italian rest in town and how it’s the best there is around…Now the credibility of that restaurant just grew by leaps and bounds. This is exactly the way Google works. When your website is linked to other websites that have a high PR and have relevant content then that’s where you gain credibility with Google. We call it link juice in the internet marketing world. Now if I am going out to Italian tonight and I get a few calls from friends about Mexican food, that isn’t at all relevant to my evening so it’s pointless right? Why would I care for Mexican when we are going out to Italian tonight? I don’t and that’s exactly how Google is too. If it’s ot relavant, then its not credible!! That easy.

So when an seo company tries to tell you they are gonna link your sites to many other sites, please make sure they are relevant to your business and are as high of a pr as you can  link too…

So when Google comes after spam links and sites, you know you are safe, just like us and our clients are…

Who is BarkingFrogSEO?

Who is BarkingFrogSEO and what gives them the Audacity to be an authority on SEO.

Well, we were actually forced into it! Confused? Let me explain. Our story begins with the now hated business of directories, where once was a completely logical and useful business tool, now lies a crippled industry in it’s last death throes. Most anyone with a pulse knows that the yellow pages are dead, and who killed them. But an industry that large just doesn’t roll over and die, they adapt, and in this case I was at the forefront of trying to make that change.

So there I was managing a very successful switch to online marketing for local businesses, as far as sales go anyway, when I was posed with a HUGE problem! We had very little traffic(comparatively), the same problem the paper books are facing. But what I did have was data, lots and lots of data for thousands of keywords and categories. What that data told me, and to no surprise, was that the search engines and mainly Google ruled the world.

How could I could provide our customers with the ROI they deserved? Simple, make sure they come up in front page Google results. Easier said than done, but after exhaustive nights and cramped fingers I had proof of concept and became very efficient at producing these first page results. I watched my data, and without exception the categories getting first page search results got a lot of traffic (and ROI) and the ones that didn’t were ghost towns. It was time to face the facts, I was at the head of huge middle man, the search engines are the true directory and on the whole it didn’t matter if it was paper or online, the model of business directories is a dead concept and times have changed, you can’t fight the times.

So I turned in the keys, and along with a very talented co worker founded BarkingFrogSEO. Armed with the knowledge and experience from top level search engine optimization and technology I like to call us Internet Super Heroes, fighting off the nasty search marketers, and saving businesses from dead phone books, online directories, and the dark recesses of page 10 search results.

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