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SEO Proposal from BarkingFrogSEO

SEO Proposal

 seo utah                                                


(801) 637-3622

610 East South Temple  

Salt Lake City, Utah 84102


This proposal is confidential to BarkingFrogSEO and  those who have solicited this proposal. This document contains information and data that BarkingFrogSEO considers confidential and proprietary.

Confidential Information includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Ø Corporate, employee and infrastructure information about BarkingFrogSEO
  • Ø BarkingFrogSEO project management and quality processes
  • Ø Customer and project experiences provided to illustrate BarkingFrogSEO capability.

Any disclosure of Confidential Information to, or use of it by a third party (i.e., a party other than Client), will be damaging to BarkingFrogSEO. Ownership of all Confidential Information, no matter in what media it resides, remains with BarkingFrogSEO.

Confidential Information in this document shall not be disclosed outside the buyer’s proposal evaluators and shall not be duplicated, used, or disclosed – in whole or in part – for any purpose other than to evaluate this proposal without specific written permission of an authorized representative of BarkingFrogSEO. 


Executive Summary

BarkingFrogSEO is your trusted partner for internet marketing, search engine optimization (seo), social media seo, webdesign and search engine marketing (SEM). We are glad to demonstrate to you, through this response, that we have the capabilities, people, processes, technology and the desire to be your   partner of choice.

Based on our discussions we understand your business needs. BarkingFrogSEO promises a strong business foundation to deliver greater efficiency, sustain & improve compliance and deliver customer satisfaction, while meeting its key objectives around quality, accuracy, time and cost.

Based on our experiences, the following key factors are important for ensuring a successful business engagement with your seo internet marketing campaign.


BarkingFrogSEO will generate leads and maximize conversions for your company website. To obtain and attain first page Google, Yahoo and Bing results with highly competitive relevant keywords that relate to respective business and convert that traffic from seo campaign into new clients. To brand your company name and place your business on the world wide web.


To attain first page Google, Yahoo and Bing rankings for desired keywords, and systematically gain more presence in related fields. Maximize and increase your ROI.



To create a professional, polished website focusing on conversions and then drive traffic to the site by optimizing it in accordance with the standards of Internet Search Engines, mainly Google, the leading authority. The search engines are the sole judge of the content they bring back for a given search query, and they do not prescribe the formula for influencing their results. Through industry studies, cutting edge analysis and reports, we’re able to pinpoint these results and, by implementing as many of these factors as possible, we’re able to influence the search engine results over other websites to a drastic degree.

Plan of Action:

In the next 60 days we’ll create and upload your website with a tracking matrix attached. We’ll start your high PR link building campaign, launch our social media seo campaign, which includes our Press Release Optimization and link building, our seo content writing and “wordsmithing” campaign, metadata and html code implementation and finally your keyword campaign.  At the end of 60 days,  your site will be ranking in your categories.



Internet marketing and SEO Campaign:

A total of $ N/A____ on your Search Engine Optimization campaign.  $___N/A_____ is due upon signing of the contract.  __N/A___ monthly payments of $_____N/A____/mo will start 30 days from signing of the contract.


1/2 down on Website Creation $____N/A____, balance on completion $___N/A_______ (30 days). Registration and hosting paid upfront $__N/A_____. (If needed)


As Part of  BarkingFrogSEO’s Business Model we ensure the following guarantees:

  • Ensure proper Project Requirement Analysis
  • Scheduled project delivery and release.
  • Adhering to Operation Level Agreement (OLA)
  • Value-add to client’s business needs by fine-tuning existing strategies.
  • Ethical and sincere approach towards work.
  • Our object oriented commitment, thereby earning trust and respect. Commitment to client’s success.
  • Continuous and steady improvement with a robust Business Continuity Plan.
  • Commitment to business excellence, innovation, quality and speed with proper focus on results.
  • Proper risk managements controls.
  • Due maintenance/support of project after delivery
  • Ensuring high Customer Satisfaction metrics
  • 100% Guarantee FrontPage Google Results within 60 days for local seo and 120 days for nationwide seo campaigns.

BarkingFrogSEO is a customer-specific service oriented company that extends services ranging from preliminary website analysis, a high caliber SEO campaign, internet marketing, press release optimization to high pr (PageRank) link building campaigns, to company branding and the constant evolving with seamless integration capabilities for new Google algorithm to adapt with existing systems thus ensuring no setbacks in either current or future business strategy.

We intend to bring our cutting edge model based on organic growth to deliver upon client’s expectations from this initiative. We are excited at the prospect of extending our relationship with you and becoming a trusted and predictable partner.

 We look forward to discussing this proposal with you and commencing a mutually beneficial and long-term relationship.

B.  Overview of BarkingFrogSEO

BarkingFrogSEO is a vision of youth. The lacuna of any professional service in small and medium sector enterprises around the world led to the beginning of this dynamic initiative by a couple of motivated and inspired “techy” guys.

‘Be seen and be heard’ is the mantra for this self-inspired band of social visionaries who are on an exciting journey of changing the all-important for any business search engine dynamics. We adopt ‘best practices’ of the flourishing global SEO and internet marketing industry to create unique case studies which provide complete end-to-end solutions to businesses.

From helping companies integrate customer-centric strategies and emerging technologies into innovative e-business models, to maximize conversions from all the web traffic, to help our clients redefine their business, differentiate themselves from their competitors, and to maximize your roi like no other form of marketing and advertising can do.

In a nutshell, “if your company isn’t on the front page of Google, then it’s not part of the conversation”

C.  BarkingFrogSEO Business Objectives:

a)    BarkingFrogSEO is a leading internet marketing company, based in Salt Lake City, Utah which aims to deliver unmatched business value to customers through a combination of process excellence, quality frameworks and service delivery innovation. We work to bring together a team of technology, business, and social visionaries who provide the right balance of executive management and cutting-edge technology in dynamic business environments.

b)    Develop an environment of fairness, honesty and integrity for our clients, employees, vendors and society at large. We are committed to our customers and partners and have a passion for emerging technology. We love taking on challenges and pride ourselves on seeing them through. We hold ourselves accountable to our customers, partners and employees by honoring our commitments, providing results, and maintaining the highest quality norms.

c)   Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategic combination of cutting edge techniques designed to raise your website’s ranking to the front page of all the major search engines’ organic listings. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Aol etc. Our seo campaign consists of a high pr backlink building campaign that is purely relevant to your business, an immense social media seo press release campaign, website reconstruction, keyword implementation, seo content writing and social graph metrics. These techniques need to be continually revised and refined as the main search engines regularly update their ranking criteria (algorithm). BarkingFrogSEO’s Internet Marketing and SEO services,  100% guarantees to attain front page Google status for your company, for the most competitive keywords in your industry. This will maximize your website’s visibility in the internet, therefore gainfully increasing traffic to your website and allowing you to maximize conversions off the new traffic hence giving your business the competitive edge over your competitors and maximizing your ROI. (More Business)

d)    Internet Marketing At BarkingFrogSEO, our SEO & internet marketing firm offers a variety of internet marketing services: As we have all figured out by now, to maintain a competitive edge over our competitors, it’s vital to hire an SEO/internet marketing company that specializes in all cutting edge SEO services available for business in the rapidly evolving world of technology, SEO & social media. Just hiring an seo firm isn’t enough anymore. Internet marketing involves many different hats and at barkingfrogseo, we’ve got someone for each one of those hats. Whether it’s our cutting edge and optimized web design by serfwerks, to our social seo and high pr social media campaign that Jeremiah Mitchell specializes in or our local search marketing, headed up by Isaac Doherty, we have all the hats covered.

e)    BarkingFrogSEO works with serfwerks, a web development and design team with an objective to create cutting edge websites with dynamic webpage functionality using next-generation WEB 2.0 technology, WordPress and optimized web design. We outsource to SerfWerks to maximize your web design as well.

f)    Internet Marketing Overview consists of the following cutting-edge services:

  • Complete Site Analysis (Meta tags, content, back links, traffic, body, images & style sheets).
  • Keyword Competitiveness Analysis.
  • Competitors’ site content and back link analysis.
  • Main keyword(s) analysis
  • W3C validation
  • Significant increase in link popularity
  • One way High Page Rank (pr) Do Follow Back link Building.
  • High PR(PageRank) Back Links from relevant sites only.
  • High PR Social Media Backlink Campaign Weekly Broken link check.
  • Removal of bad links (sites non related to yours) which point to your sites.
  • Content modification (if necessary)
  • SEO Content Writing.
  • Google Site map generation. 
  • Monthly search engine optimization (SEO)/ Internet marketing report.
  • Additional Pages / contents may require for optimization will be created by us.
  • Blog / RSS submission if your site supports these modules.
    • Front Page Ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engine.


SEO Packages and Plans

SL N0 Package

(Google ,Bing ,Yahoo )

 Surge SEO

(Top 10 Rank)

Boost SEO

(Top 10 Rank)

Domination SEO Package

(Top 10 Rank)

  Cost / Month $500 (Monthly) $600 (Monthly) $700 (Monthly)
1 Duration Monthly/Annual Monthly/Annual Monthly/Annual
2 Website Analysis Report with Initial Search Engines Trend Basic Detailed Detailed
3 Competition Analysis Report
(max of 5)
4 No. of Primary Key Words/Phrases           3 4 5
5 Additional key phrase (Free of cost by us) 0 0 2+
6 Advance Keywords Research (Using Google Tools, Overture and word track*) YES YES YES
7 Google Web Optimization YES YES YES
8 Google META Tag submission YES YES YES
9 Google Search Engine in your website YES YES YES
10 Google Site map submission YES YES YES
11 Google traffic analyzer tool in your website YES YES YES
12 Google ad-word (paid listing) NO NO YES
13 Google ad-sense YES YES YES
14 Titles and Meta Tags Optimization YES YES YES
15 Content Optimization YES YES YES
16 Optimization of HTML Source Code NO YES YES
17 W3c Validations for Home Page YES YES YES
18 Website Structure Optimization NO NO YES
19 Sitemap Generation(If not there) YES YES YES
20 Monthly search optimization(SEO) report YES YES YES
21 Hand Submissions to Top (free) Search Engines YES YES YES
22 Hand Submissions to Top (free) Directories 25 50 100+
23 RSS Feed Integration** NO NO YES
24 RSS Feed Submission Non-Paid** NO YES YES
25 Reciprocal Links Building 15 25 50+
26 Blog posting NO YES YES
27 Email / IM Support YES YES YES
28 Weekly Traffic Analysis Report NO YES YES
29 Creation of link / Resource Page YES YES YES
30 Creation of Themed Link Page NO NO YES
31 No. of Optimized Articles Development NO NO 10
  32 No. of Articles Distribution to Ezines NO NO 20


  Annual Nationwide SEO Package (ANSP) COST


1 Regular SEO Package 12,000  
2 Standard SEO Package 18,000  
3 Advance SEO Package 25,000  
  SL N0 Yearly Package Details

(Google ,MSN ,Yahoo )

 Regular Nationwide SEO

Nationwide SEO

Advance Nationwide SEO Package
  1 Website Analysis Report with Initial Search Engines Trend Quarterly Monthly Forth Night
  2 Competition Analysis Report
(max of 5)
Quarterly Monthly Forth Night
  3 No. of Primary Key Words/Phrases           2 4 5
  4 High PR(PageRank) Backlinks 100+ 100+ 100+
  5 Advance Keywords Research (Using Google Tools and word track) YES          YES YES
  6 Google Web Optimization YES YES YES
  7 Google traffic analyzer tool in your website YES YES YES
  8 SEO Content Writing and Optimization YES YES YES
  9 Optimization of HTML Source Code          YES YES YES
  10 W3c Validations for Home Page YES YES YES
  11 Website Structure Optimization YES NO YES
  12 Search optimization (SEO) report Quarterly Monthly Forth Night
  13 Social Media Press Release and Social Links Building 25 50 100+
  14 Email / IM Support YES YES YES



Internet Marketing Plans

Internet Marketing Plans:
One Way Link Building Plans. (Manual High PR Backlink Submission)
No. of Links Price (in USD)
50 $100 Monthly
100 $150 Monthly
250 $250 Monthly
500 $400 Monthly
800 $500 Monthly
6 Months Special package (30 submissions /day) $300 Monthly



Social Media Press Release and Social Link Building Plan
No. of Press Releases and Links Price (in USD) Monthly
25 $100
50 $200
100 $300
250 $500


2. Paid Listing for sponsor link Advertisement Google Adwords(PPC): 

  1. 20% / Campaign Per Month – Minimum 50$ Per Month Per Campaign
  2. Affiliate Programs.

3. Terms and Condition:

  1. All the above plans mentioned are for existing websites and new design sites – New designs require custom quotes to include design fees.
  2. All Plans and Packages are priced excluding taxes.
  3. We do not accept any orders for sites which are related to adult industry. Any purchase made for those sites will not be accepted.

4. Corporate Information:

  1. Name: BarkingFrogSEO
  2. Address: 610 East South Temple #50 Phone No.       : (801) 637-3622
  3. URL:
  4. Email: 
  5. Contact Person: Jeremiah Mitchell 

BarkingFrogSEO Traffic Metrics

BarkingFrogSEO will Align Metrics With New Clients Business Goals.

A lot of SEO companies don’t do this, and I suspect it’s the prime reason the industry has earned a bad reputation.

For example, a lot of SEO is sold on the basis that the client will get an increase in rankings.

So what?

An increase in ranking is meaningless unless it translates to a desired action. Some clients will be fooled by such metrics for a while, but they are unlikely to remain so.

Eventually, they will look at their marketing spend, then look at their traffic numbers. If those referrals from search engines aren’t heading up, then you’re unlikely to get on-going work. If you’re not getting on-going work, then you’ll spend a lot of your time on the expensive sales process as you churn and burn your way through clients. Not that this isn’t a valid business model, but it can be a difficult way to go about things.

Likewise, traffic can be a poor metric. We are talking about conversions here.

It works for a while, but unless the client is solely preoccupied with traffic numbers i.e. sites that sell advertising based on page view numbers tend to focus a lot on pure traffic volume, then you’re unlikely to get long term business. The traffic needs to turn into a relationship, a sale, or an inquiry. Marketing spend, in all businesses, needs to be justified in terms of the bottom line. Everything, eventually, comes back to revenue.

If you can help the client increase revenue, then you’ll make yourself indispensable. Show how SEO fits into their business objectives, which is why making an effort to understand their business is so important. At that point, you can start to reorient their web strategy around SEO.

Not only does this give you more sway, but it increases the chances of future work. For example, you could turn a brochure-web strategy into a publication strategy, which then opens up more content writing opportunities. The client is not going to be able to change a thing until they talk to you first.

If you’re in it for the long term, then that’s where you want to be.

For a free seo quote click here.

Fresh off the press. Get your press release on.

6 Secrets of Press Release SEO 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is  cutting edge and a strategic technique used to deliver top shelf and more relevant search engine results when readers search for a topic. Applying even a small amount of effective SEO can improve the volume or quality of traffic to a website.

SEO techniques can also be applied to press releases to enhance visibility in search engines. According to a MarketingSherpa survey in 2009, press release SEO was rated as the most effective emerging marketing channel. If done correctly, your release will be more easily picked up by search engines and news aggregators. Greater pickup means greater visibility and improved search ranking yields increased webpage traffic.

Secret #1: The public and press find recent, relevant releases in news search results.
Since you should always optimize for the searcher, you need to find out where your audience goes for information. According to the 2010 PRWeek Media Survey, 95% of journalists use search engines to research a story, followed by 93% for company websites and 47% for Wikipedia. Surprisingly, Yahoo! News is actually visited more often than Google News (by about 40 million and 15 million Americans, respectively).

Secret #2: Research the keywords that should be included in your release.
Use keyword research to identify the relevant, commonly searched terms relevant for your press release. By using Yahoo Suggest or Google Auto-Complete, you can easily identify the two or three most-searched terms and compile a list of search term suggestions that relate to the subject of your press release.

Secret #3: Include these keywords in the headline, subhead, and lead paragraph of your release.
The natural language processing algorithms used by the search engines scan the title, headline, and at least the first one hundred words of news articles and press releases, so make sure the relevant keywords show up in these sections. Another surprising finding: longer headlines are more effective for press release SEO.

Secret #4: Add links to interesting, related website content.
Including links to interesting, related content in your press release can increase search engine results and drive website traffic. One of the main drivers of search engine ranking for press releases is not necessarily from driving direct links to the press release but from people who decide to write an article on the subject and include these links as part of their content post.

Secret #5: Publish your release beyond your website.
Google News finds articles by crawling 10,000 online news sources, including news websites that display press releases. Yahoo News has more than 7,000 news sources. Neither of the news search engines crawl company websites to find press release nor are they able to manually add press releases that are sent to them. To take full advantage of press release SEO, you need to use a solution that allows you to publish your release to the most prominent news websites.

Secret #6: Use Web analytics to measure the success of your press release SEO.
Web analytic tools exist today that can help PR professional measure return on their SEO activities, including metrics such as increasing awareness, driving traffic, generating leads, and selling products. Some companies have also used conversion tracking codes to measure the number of leads or sales generated by press release SEO.

Case Study: Rutgers mini-MBA Program launch
Rutgers University launched a mini-MBA program in April 2010 and each student enrolling in the program received an Apple iPad. The launch was first promoted using an un-optimized press release and traditional media relations and then again using an optimized press release and blogger/social media outreach. The SEO release launch yielded significantly higher results on all metrics: search engine ranking, headline impressions, click-thrus, and page views, resulting in registration for the course. The short term return on marketing investment (sales within three months of media execution) was 3.0 for the SEO approach which compares favorably to the average short term ROMI of 1.1 as measured by Nielsen Analytic Consulting.