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Utah SEO For Dummies – Page 2

So before I get into how to get people to go to page 2 of your website, I want to address a somewhat obvious question. The question is; so what is so different about Utah SEO as compared to SEO for anywhere else. Isn’t SEO just SEO no matter where you are doing it? Well no, not really. Unlike most states of the union, Utah has a much higher sense of community than most places. There is much more focus on doing business with local companies here than anywhere else i have seen. This sense of community gives a distinct advantage to local businesses over their national competitors. So there are local Utah SEO techniques that can be used to strategically position a local business in the search results where local people can see you are are local business.


By the way, since this is a primer for folks that have little or no search marketing knowledge, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

How To Keep Visitors On Your Website

So the question is; how do you get website visitors to go to page two of your website? This is a real easy one. Well, at least the answer is easy. If you give visitors everything they want on page one, or don’t want, they will never go to page 2. So what does that really mean? Well, if you look at your website as a brand new visitor would look at your website, what do you see. A pretty picture? An image slider with multiple pretty pictures? What else do you see? Some text about who you are? Some more text about what you do? Some links to other pages with About Us, and Our Corporate Policies, etc etc. Sorry Folks, no one one cares who you are and they already know what you do. They just did a search for what you do, that is how they landed on your website in the first place. Unless what you do is totally unique and you have to educate every single visitor, which is a very expensive proposition, they don’t need to be told what you do. Everyone knows you are going to say you are the greatest, and I am sure you are, but thats not going to get them to go to page 2. Now don’t get me wrong, you can still tell them how great you are, but dont try to do it on page one and dont try to do it above the fold.

Whoops! SEO Term “Above the fold” means that space that the new visitor lands on when they first visit your webpage. So it is the top of the page on page one. Anything they can see without scrolling down or clicking somewhere else is called “Above the fold”. This is the most prime real estate on your website and should only contain the most critical information that you need give to visitors and nothing else.

So information that is secondary to the primary purpose of your website should go on another page or below the fold.

Now, you have to ask yourself a question. What is the primary purpose of your website? Is it to display a picture of your new building? No probably not. If your website has the same purpose as most small business websites, the purpose is to attract new business and new customers.

When a new visitor lands on your homepage you have all of about 10 seconds to get their attention. If whatever you have on the homepage above the fold doesn’t immediately address the visitors problem or question, they will move on.  The best method for getting a visitor to go to page two or to perform a desired action is to tell them what you want them to do. Don’t assume that they know what to do. Make it very simple and easy for them to perform the next action. And what would the next action be? Well, if you want them to call you, put your phone number on a big red button with instructions like “Call Now” and when they click, it takes them to a page with your phone number and other contact information. The other action that you may want them to take is to leave you with their contact information. At the very least you want them to leave you with something right? I mean you went to all the trouble to get this visitor to come to your website and if you don’t ask them for something, most will just leave without performing any action. So, if you want them to leave you their contact information, say so. Right on the front page above the fold have a big red button that says “Get More Info” or something like that. This button would take them to a 2nd page where you would capture their contact information.

SEO Your Call To Action

At the very least you should have two CTAs (call to action) on the homepage above the fold so that visitors are told what you want them to do and they have an option to call now or get more info. Not all visitors are ready to call now.

Using these methods we accomplish two things:

  1.  We reduce the bounce rate that the search engines see because the visitor actually clicked one page deeper than the homepage indicating to the search engine that the visitor found something useful on the site.
  2. We get the visitor to perform an action that we want by either calling us or filling out a form. Both of these actions are better than just getting a bounce and allowing the visitor to leave without any further action.

So, take a good hard look look at your home page. Or better yet have someone else take a good hard look at your home page and then ask them if they feel like they know what you want them to do just by looking at the page and without scrolling. If they answer yes, ask what it is. If they answer no, then you’ve got some work to do.

Next I will discuss the foundation of all SEO campaigns, Keywords.

Utah SEO For Dummies – Page 1

I never really liked the “For Dummies” label that was put on books of a technical nature. It seemed so degrading of the reader, however it was wildly successful and so I will put my personal opinions aside to recognize that some people may feel more comfortable reading something technical that is speaking from an easy to understand prospective. So, this series of posts will have the “for dummies” label as that seems to be the new standard to draw attention to otherwise too-technical topics. I promise not to get technical, and when I do use an industry term that needs further explanation I will do so.

Most business owners that go in search of SEO services think that they just need to find someone that can increase the amount of traffic to their website. Although increasing traffic to your website is a desirable thing, it is extremely important, no not just extremely important, it is actually not even possible to get serious results from an SEO campaign without first taking a very critical eye look at your website to determine if the webpage has the right stuff for an SEO campaign to be successful.


Now, this doesn’t mean that the business owner should look at the site and determine what he (she) wants it to look like. This is not a critical eye. The business owner should certainly be involved in the look and feel and general design of the site, however and at the risk of offending some, the website is not for the business owner. The website is for attracting potential customers. So the critical eye that needs to look at the website would be either a potential customer, or some other unbiased source.

Here is a question to ask yourself as a business owner.

What is the purpose of my website?

Most folks will answer; to tell people about who I am and what I do. Wrong answer. Again at the risk of offending some business owners, most people don’t care who you are or what you do or what you have done.

Visitors to your website only care about whether you can solve their problem.

So placing company news, pictures of happy people, image sliders with stock photos, pictures of your fancy building, pictures of your dog, stories about how great you think you you are, stories about your upcoming events, etc etc etc. You get the point. So when a visitor lands on your webpage you have about 10 seconds to get their attention. If the content that they find doesn’t immediately address their problem, they leave. This is called a bounce.  Google and other search engines keep track of this. A bounce is a bad thing. It means that someone landed on your site and didn’t find the answer to thier question.  Search engines keep a score on your website that is called a bounce rate. If your website has a high bounce rate, search engines will automatically lower your rankings as it feels that you are not providing the solution to peoples problems. So are you starting to see the problem with just thinking that you need more traffic? If you don’t address the design issues, the more traffic you get the higher your bounce rate and the lower your rankings. So, I will ask the question again.


What is the purpose of your website?


The right answer to this question is; To get people to go to page 2

If you can convince a visitor to your site that you have the answer to their problem on page 2, you have created a website that is better than 95% of all of your competitors websites. If your visitor goes to page 2, several things happen. One, you don’t get marked by the search engines as a bounce and 2 you get a chance to further engage with this visitor.

So, how do you get visitors to want to go to page 2?

I will discuss this next.



Utah SEO For Dummies


There Are No Dumb Questions In Utah SEO, Only Regular Folks That Need The Truth About SEO.

Utah SEO for dummies


The mission of this blog is to provide the truth about SEO so that Utah businesses can make educated decisions about what to expect from good quality SEO services. The editor of this blog is Rick Morris, 10 year veteran of the SEO industry and a 20+ year IT guy.  Disclaimer; Although Rick does run a Search Marketing agency, this blog will not be an advertisement for the agency and if at any point it sounds like a commercial for my agency, please comment to keep me on track. Utah Businesses considering SEO need information about what to expect and what to avoid. I hope to shed some light on the subject and help you avoid some of the pitfalls associated with bad SEO as well as what questions to ask when searching for good SEO.


Utah SEO Is For Forward Thinking Businesses


So this week, Matt Cutts, the king of Google public relations to the SEO community, has finally made an absolute statement about adwords and how it effects your organic rankings. So for many years the SEO community has suspected that running Google Adwords ads would have a positive effect on your organic rankings. In the past this question has come up to Matt Cutts and the answer has always been rather vague or non conclusive. So this week Matt went on record as stating that without any question running Google adwords ads absolutely does not help your organic rankings. He also went on to say that it does not hurt your rankings either, but that it absolutely goes against Googles main mission of delivering the most relevant results based the users search. To allow adwords participation to skew organic results would be going against their main mission. Google would still want you to subscribe to Adwords of course, but don’t do it thinking its going to help you get to the top of organic. That the word in SEO this week.

Forward thinking businesses that are not getting the results they used to get from print ads and yellow pages are scrambling to secure those coveted front page positions on Google and lock out their competition. If you need a Utah SEO company to help you online, call Barking Frog SEO.


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