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Utah SEO Is For Forward Thinking Businesses


So this week, Matt Cutts, the king of Google public relations to the SEO community, has finally made an absolute statement about adwords and how it effects your organic rankings. So for many years the SEO community has suspected that running Google adwords ads would have a positive effect on your organic rankings. In the past this question has come up to Matt Cutts and the answer has always been rather vague or non conclusive. So this week Matt went on record as stating that without any question running Google adwords ads absolutely does not help your organic rankings. He also went on to say that it does not hurt your rankings either, but that it absolutely goes against Googles main mission of delivering the most relevant results based the users search. To allow adwords participation to skew organic results would be going against their main mission. Google would still want you to subscribe to adwords of course, but dont do it thinking its going to help you get to the top of organic . That the word in SEO this week.

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