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Barking Frog SEO sets the standard for quality Utah SEO

Utah SEO for  Small Business? Yes, Barking Frog SEO has set the standard for innovative SEO Company in Salt lake City. Rick Morris, a 10 year veteran of the search marketing industry leads a team of highly qualified SEO’s that know how business gets done in Utah.

We Help Businesses Get What They Want So That We Get What We Want, Happy Customers!

We are a full service, cutting edge internet marketing company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We provide innovative Internet Marketing which consists of cutting edge Web Design, online reputation management, front page Google search engine optimization (SEO) and strategic marketing for all local and nationwide businesses. Our search engine optimization vision, is to SEO all our clients to the front pages of Google, Yahoo and Bing. Thus bringing high volumes of traffic to their websites and converting that traffic into new clients.

Utah SEO Businesses are discovering the huge potential of Search Marketing

Barking Frog SEO has attained remarkable success with our clients Internet Marketing campaigns. Our market-defining keyword research methodologies, provide the most meaningful view of what your target audience is searching for and purchasing. We then SEO your company to the front page of Google, based on these research techniques, to maximize your conversions from your new front page Google traffic metrics.


Karl - Collision Repair

I would reccomend using Rick. He gets amazing results. I get reports monthly so I know what is really happening. My business is every where on line.

Terry - Mini Storage

Google called me to ask if I wanted to subscribe to their SEO service. I informed them that I was already number 1 on Google for all the good keywords. They looked it up and said, “Yes you are! Whoever you are using for SEO is doing a great job”. Thanks Barking Frog SEO!

Why choose Barking Frog SEO for Utah SEO?

Are you going to hire an seo company that isn’t on the front page of Google, Yahoo and Bing themselves, for their most competitive keywords? To see a few of our front page Google listings click one of our over 50 proven seo results. SEO Firm Salt Lake City, SEO Salt Lake City, Internet Marketing Company Salt Lake City.

Our SEO company in Salt Lake City isn’t restricted to local SEO Utah. Our SEO work has no limitations. We specialize in affordable nationwide SEO . BarkingFrogSEO will seo your company, so your business is on the front page of Google, Yahoo and Bing whether it’s on a local or national scope. There are zero geographical boundaries to your seo campaign. We also specialize in making sure your website is designed for conversions, mobile, PC’s & Tablets. So whether your business needs Web Design, SEO, App Development, Reputation Mgmt or Social Media Marketing, our team is ready for your call. Let’s take your company to that critical next level.

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Our Mission Is Your Success!

Our SEO vision is simple. “Be seen and be heard”. Our cutting edge website optimization will consistently place you on the front pages organically throughout the major search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing. Over 89% of Google users do NOT leave the front page when searching for a business. Can your business afford to not be on the front page? Our local and nationwide search engine optimization and internet marketing packages will help you succeed.   It is not possible for ANY Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company to completely ensure any specific results for any webpage or website as they are not in control of the search engines, only the techniques applied in an effort to achieve the desired result of a higher ranking placement.

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Search Engine vs Yellow Pages

In the new age of search engines and the complete dominance of Google, the Yellow Pages are bleeding red. Print advertising is a vehicle of the past. As far as the yellow pages, they have made the move to the Internet, but it’s the last place I would advertise as a business. Wanna know why? Why would I advertise our SEO internet marketing company in Salt Lake City’s Yellow Pages online and be one of 30 other companies on the same page. That’s a bad investment for my ROI! I don’t want a small piece of the pie like that…I would rather hire an SEO/internet marketing company to optimize my business to the front page of Google, so that I received a much bigger piece of the pie, then dealing with 30 other companies on one page of the yellow pages websites. It’s a no brainer. Bigger piece of the pie or smaller piece of the pie? Our SEO firm likes a better return on investment, improving our bottom line. What kind of a decision are you going to make when it comes to improving your company’s bottom line? Below we have provided a great article from the social media site stumbleupon.com In the Internet age, are the yellow pages still relevant? In fact, do phone books contribute anything more than massive amounts of waste? That’s a question that San Francisco thinks it has an answer to. (Hint: It’s pretty much “no.” To both questions.) The city will continue its environmental initiatives by passing a law that will ban the distribution of phone books unless phone book publishers obtain prior consent from... read more

3 Easy Ways to Write Content that people will actually read

Whether you are just starting a website or have been writing your own content for a while, you should know by now that content is king when it comes to your website. Unfortunately, just writing thousands of blog posts isn’t going to get the search engine traffic you need. You need to have great content that people actually want to read. Here are 3 easy ways to increase your traffic by writing content that will get you noticed. Tip #1 Grab the attention of your readers with a catchy title Your title really matters. If your title isn’t attention grabbing it won’t make people stop and read it. Using numbers in your title help grab people’s attention. A good place to look for great examples of catchy titles is on magazine covers, especially those celebrated tabloids. They are great at catching your attention and making you want to read more. Lets say that you are announcing a new product or service your company is launching. A boring title would be something like, “Check out our new blender with extra spinning power.” The title is to the point. The reader knows that you have a new blender and it has extra power, but it’s lacking that wow factor that makes you want to read it. You don’t really want to know more, the title tells you what you need to know. Now lets look at a title with some pizzazz. “5 Reasons why you can’t live without the New Champion Blender.” This title makes you want to know why you can’t live without it. This blender must be pretty neat... read more

Google maps

Google Maps and Mobile Apps Mobile devices in 2014 are providing over 50% of the web search traffic. People are searching for the products and services that they need while they are waiting at the red light. These searches are displayed on mobile devices differently than how they appear on a desktop computer. The listing are displayed with easy to follow directions button, a call now, and a list of reviews. Being on this mobile maps page is absolutely essential for businesses to capture those potential customers. Research has proven that these customers are more ready to buy than any others. The 7 Pack of Google Places is displayed below and Barking Frog’s Maps and Mobile Apps Service will get you listed fast and get you tapped into this huge income stream. Sign up... read more